Trade Show Success Tips

By | July 22, 2017

Trade shows continue to be one of the best marketing opportunities for companies in nearly all industries despite living in a world filled with virtual reality and online-only businesses. The opportunity to meet people directly and see and handle their products is something that interests vendors and consumers alike. The value of these moments should never be wasted and every business owner must develop a strategy regarding how to make the most of every show they attend.

Use all Technology

Include interactive technology whenever possible, advertise on monitors rather than just using posters and heavily market any business apps currently available. These items always draw attention and cause people to stop when they may have otherwise passed by a booth. Make certain all media is visually appealing and entertaining because its purpose is to intrigue people enough to make them want to learn more.

Remember the Branding

All marketing and promotional items must be branded to help people instantly recognize the company. The logo should be used prominently on anything passed out to guests at the show. Anyone working in the booth should also be easy to identify as a company representative. Wear branded lanyards and custom IDs. If full uniforms are not possible or desired, make certain everyone is at least wearing matching shirts with a company logo.

Build a Shop

Do not set up a basic trade show booth. Folding tables are easy to walk by quickly. Instead, build a portable shop that encourages people to come inside. Make it welcoming to everyone and large enough for multiple people to browse and ask questions comfortably. Encourage longer stays by offering seating areas for people with questions or when they are providing contact information or placing an order.

Study an Event marketing guide and make certain any employees involved in the preparation for a trade show or attending the event do the same homework. Understanding how the events work, what people look for when attending and how to stand out among a field of booths is important for success. Learn from previous attempts and take notes during events about successful tactics used by others.